Speedometer v1.1

Displays your real-time speed on either a Racing or Digital Speedometer.
You can even use it on a boat or an airplane. Display your speed up to 999mph/kmh/kts!
"Really, if you're moving that fast I sure hope you're not looking at your iPhone."
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"There are more than a few speedometers for the iPhone out there, but what we like about this one is the simplicity of either a big three-digit digital display or a more traditional needle gauge. Of course, your car probably has a working speedometer (unless you spent that repair money on your new iPhone), but GPS is typically more accurate. Also, this speedometer is easily transferable to boats, planes, chickens, and your friends."

Advanced Features:
Now fully supports MPH, Km/h, & Knots.
Preferences memory(Saves settings automatically).
H.U.D.(Head's up display) mode.
GPS lock - helps prevent erratic speed jumps.

How to use: Simply tap your screen to switch between the two different modes.
To switch units: Simply tap on the units on either screen to cycle through each setting.
To use H.U.D. mode: Flip to digital mode then click the mirror button in the upper left hand corner. Speedometer will now display a mirror image of your speed (see below).
Interface: The interface is two sided. One side is the racing speedo, the other side is the digital speedo.
Racing Speedometer - An analog speedometer with a range of 10-150mph/kmh/kts. Displays a standard circle face with moving red needle.
Digital Speedometer - A digital 3 digit display with a range of 0 - 999mph/kmh/kts. The display is a blue backlit design.
Heads up display - Creates a mirror image of the digital display allowing reflection to be seen correctly in glass(e.x. car windshield at night).
What does it do? SOPODS Speedometer uses the GPS satellite system to accurately calculate your speed. Our speedometer uses complex filtering algorithms to smooth out the raw GPS data to give you the best performance possible. None of the other speed apps can compete in this area.

To put it simply, it tells you how fast you are going in any situation.

Usage notes: To prevent display from turning off go to Settings>General>Auto-Lock>Never.
Because of the way GPS data is calculated. Very low speeds(<25mph) are not 100% accurate. However they are very close.

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