Camp Fire v1.1

Cozy up around your iPhone with Camp Fire!

Camp Fire turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an instant fireplace. Anytime, anywhere.

Don't you hate it when you just want to curl up next to a nice crackling fire but you are at work, or out for a nice dinner? Have a spooky ghost story to tell, but no fire to huddle around? Never fear these kind of situations again! With Camp Fire in your pocket you'll always be prepared.
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How to use:
Simply launch Camp Fire on your iPhone or iPod touch and enjoy :)

What does it do?
Camp Fire displays a real flame based Camp Fire on your screen. The fire keeps burning as long as you leave the app open.

WARNING: Making S'mores over Camp Fire is not recommended. Strange apple store visit may occur if this warning is not taken seriously.

Usage notes:
For extended usage it's a good idea to plug-in your iPhone/iPod Touch.

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