Full Screen Web Browser

Look ma, No buttons! Now you can use 100% of your iPhone screen for browsing the web. The controls are just a shake away.

iWoopi Cushion

We know it has been a long wait, but the KILLER app for iPhone has arrived! Seriously, you may just die from the laughter that this app has been known to cause.

iWoopi iphone

Poker Odds

Calculate any Texas Hold'em poker odds instantly!
Poker Odds was designed from scratch just for the iPhone & iPod touch.
This is not your average odds calculator.
poker odds iphone


Display your speed up to 999mph/kmh/kts!
You can even use it on a boat or an airplane.

What we do

It's simple really. We produce killer iPhone applications. The iPhone is an incredible new computing platform that offers features and flexibility never before available. Our mission is to make the most of this new platform with applications so rich you'll have a hard time believing you're on a mobile phone.